ALM Rangers Triage #1 – What happened to your idea in UserVoice?

Iimagen January 2012 we moved the internal and labour intensive ALM Ranger ideas submission and stack ranking systems to UserVoice, greatly simplifying the administration and making it accessible across the globe to everyone in the ALM community,

In July we started the first triage of ideas, whereby the rest of this post is a summary of result. If you have submitted an ALM Rangers solution idea, please locate it below and determine if you are happy with the status and comment.  We need your candid feedback to ensure we prepare for the second triage and action your idea appropriately!

This post is dated and reflects the status as at 2012/9/13.


Reference posts:


– Ideas


Ideas that have been completed.

Idea Votes Comment
Correct wrong word used in sentence 1  
Simplify the Ranger solution voting process (Internal Forum) 6 Standardized ALM Rangers voting and stack ranking processes with UserVoice.

– “In-flight” Ideas


Ideas that have been approved and have an ALM Rangers team working on a solution.

Idea Votes
Extend the Project Creation Process to promote Ranger branching guidance 2
Master ALM Treasure Map 10
TFS 2012 Storyboard with Kinect 8

– Ideas for which kick-off has been scheduled


imageIdeas that have been approved in principle and for which a kick-off meeting has been scheduled. If the kick-off meeting results in a “thumbs-up” consensus, the idea status will switch to STARTED.

Idea Votes
Add a how-to disaster recovery plan to the ALM Rangers Planning guide 2
Better Unit Testing with Visual Studio Fakes Guidance 13


Ideas that are still under review and may be considered in future, transferred to another category or declined.

Idea Votes Comment
create ALM Ranger guidance on "Leveraging Azure for Performance Testing" 146  
Custom TFS Data Warehouse samples & guidance 40  
[Regional] TFS 2010 Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 Template Japanese localization project 20  
End to end guidance for DevOps bug resolution using IntelliTrace 14  
Tool for story mapping 11 Need more information from submitter. Likely to be closed as out-of-scope for ALM Rangers.
Provide ALM Rangers Guidance and Tooling around Baseline Management 8 Need more information from submitter. Likely to be closed as out-of-scope for ALM Rangers.
Make ALM Ranger Guides available on MSDN and eBooks 6 Ongoing
Enhance the TFS Integration Tools Documentation 5  
TFS Integration With Jira 4  
Update the database guidance for the new SQL Server Data Tools 1  

– Ideas


Ideas that have been declined and will not be reviewed further,

Idea Votes Comment
Exploratory testing related guidance in Rangers' testcase management documentation 2 Exploratory testing is not an adoption blocker at this stage.
Guidance/Tools for Merge by story (WI) 21 Duplicate. Will continue monitoring
Leveraging Azure for Performance Testing (Internal Forum) 10 Duplicate. Transferred to Visual Studio forum.
Master ALM Roadmap (Internal Forum) 21 Duplicate.Transferred to Visual Studio forum.
Practical Guidance on ALM for Windows 8 Applications (Internal Forum) 2 Insufficient votes and not transferred to Visual Studio forum.
Provide guidance around TFS server monitoring and health checks 3 Merged with idea Add a how-to disaster recovery plan to the ALM Rangers Planning guide

Provide installer packages for each ALM Rangers solution

14 Installers will introduce maintenance and especially quality process requirements that will impact the ability for ALM Rangers to respond quickly to adoption blockers. We will decline this idea for all solutions, but consider for selected solutions that can absorb the additional cost.
Supplement the TFS Planning Guide with planning information about pre-requisite services 1 MSDN/UE has items in the pipeline to cover this topic.
TFS Upgrade Guidance-V2 1

MSDN has adequate coverage of the topics.

– Category: TFS


Ideas that have been transferred to the Team Foundation Server category and are no longer monitored within Rangers Project category.

Idea Votes
Add support for Archive scenario for TFS Integration Toolkit 1
Allow Test Work Items on the Storyboard 1
Allow to update or create process template on tfs service preview. 10
Better support to Continuous Deployment Practices 62
Make Reporting in TFS Fast and Fluid 29
Provide deep integration of Lync in Team Foundation Clients 17
TFS Self Service Portal 1

TRANSFERRED – Category: Lab Management

Ideas that have been transferred to the Lab Management category and are no longer monitored within Rangers Project category.

Idea Votes
Provide API to generate TFS Warehouse/Code Coverage compatible names for Methods and Types 2


OTHER – Ideas we are watching


Ideas that are not allocated to Ranger Project category, but which we are currently reviewing.

Idea Votes
...develop an empowering Process Template editor!! 288

image That’s it! Looking forward to your candid feedback!

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