Extraordinary ALM Ranger contributions … the tenacity, motivation and passion is phenomenal!

When we introduced the new ALM Rangers Ecosystem (ALM Rangers ... an update on our exciting journey 🙂) we broke down the wall between MSFT and external ALM Rangers, making the external ALM Rangers champion awards obsolete. We replaced them with the annual champions award (2012 Visual Studio ALM Ranger Champion Awards) and are proudly listing the past and current champions on Understanding the Visual Studio ALM Rangers.

What is missing is a review and mention of the most extraordinary ALM Ranger contributors and I hope that this quick summary will be valuable to all.

View of FY12 ALM Rangers Activity

Important Context

ALM Rangers know that to move from Associate to Active ALM Ranger status, they have to accumulate at least 5 points and to be considered for automatic re-nomination they need at least 10 points.

To accumulate 10 points a Ranger has to be a reviewer on 5 projects, or a contributor on 2 projects, or a project lead on 1 … which is no small challenge considering that all ALM Rangers have a real job and a family, working on ALM Ranger projects in their personal time. Points have a half-life of a year, which means that every year the achieved score for the current year is added to 0.5 of the previous score.

What does the graph highlight?


  • The top 13 Rangers could literally relax at the beach for an entire year and still get an automatic re-nomination, as they have 20 points or more.
  • The top 25 Rangers either have a time machine or have been not been listening to me. I always recommend not mixing roles, working on one project at a time .and balancing their real job + family + Rangers

TOP 13+1

My favourite and lucky number is 13, which explains the TOP 13. The difference between position 13 and 14 is one point, which is why I am listing the top 14 positions, or 13 +1 Smile

Pos: 01 Score: 41 - Brian Blackman
Pos: 02 Score: 32 - Michael Fourie
Pos: 03 Score: 30 - Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracin
Pos: 03 Score: 30 - Mathias Olausson
Pos: 04 Score: 29 - Jahangeer Mohammed
Pos: 05 Score: 28 - Bob Hardister
Pos: 06 Score: 27 - Rob Jarratt
Pos: 07 Score: 26 - Tony Whitter
Pos: 08 Score: 25 - Richard Fennell
Pos: 09 Score: 23 - Jim Szubryt
Pos: 09 Score: 23 - Paul Meyer
Pos: 10 Score: 21 - Ethem Azun
Pos: 11 Score: 20 - Micheal Learned
Pos: 12 Score: 19 - Hassan Fadili
Pos: 12 Score: 19 - John Bergman
Pos: 12 Score: 19 - Vladimir Gusarov
Pos: 13 Score: 18 - John Jacob
Pos: 13 Score: 18 - Mario Contreras
Pos: 14 Score: 17 - Adam Gilmore
Pos: 14 Score: 17 - Bill Heys
Pos: 14 Score: 17 - Chris Burrows
Pos: 14 Score: 17 - Hosam Kamel
Pos: 14 Score: 17 - Pramod Vasanth
Pos: 14 Score: 17 - Thomas Schissler
Pos: 14 Score: 17 – Tiago Pascoal     




Brianbla (3)

Mike Fourie2

Francisco_Xavier_Fagas_AlbarracĂ­nMathias Olausson 3

Our Ruck Master, mentor, contributor and motivator Brian Blackman is currently at position 1, with our Zombie-Sabbatical Michael Fourie in position 2, with Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracin and Mathias Olausson in hot pursuit!


WELL DONE gentlemen, THANK YOU for your immense commitment and passion during FY12 and try to RELAX a bit in FY13 Open-mouthed smile

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