FAQ – When can I submit ideas for ALM Ranger projects?

In Submit your Visual Studio idea using UserVoice we explained how we listen to new ideas and how you should submit your ideas. In this post we will answer the “when can I submit ideas for ALM Ranger projects” question.

Context – How did the ALM Rangers (p)=>{Listen(); Act();} process work?


  1. Typically at the end and beginning of each financial year we asked the ALM Rangers, the product group and the community for ideas. These were collected, then voted on by all ALM Rangers, then the top 20 were stack ranked and a set of projects were selected from the top 10.
  2. Projects typically started shortly after the listen-vote-stack-rank ceremony, running for <6 months
  3. Half-way through the financial year we usually repeat step (1).

The result were 6-12 month response cycles from idea to solution, which are proving to rigid and long to add value-add in today’s reactive and short product cycles.

Context – How will the ALM Rangers (p)=>{Listen(); Act();} process work?

We are venturing into a new ecosystem, striving for shorter release cycles and being able to be more reactive to strategic or quick response solutions such as Quick Response Sample – Command line utility to manage Team Foundation Server Teams and Users.


  1. We are no longer thinking in terms of two big waves, but are dividing up the financial year (FY) into monthly and 1/2 month time blocks (sprints).
  2. On a predefined interval (which we have not yet decided upon) we will triage ideas on http://visualstudio.uservoice.com. and select potential solution candidates for ACTion.
  3. ALM Ranger projects could therefore start up throughout the year and even be interrupted (parked) to focus on more strategic ideas. The intent is to promote short project cycles and break bigger projects into smaller release cycles. When we have a shippable product that adds value, SHIP-it! We can always make it better tomorrow if the idea remains at the top of the triage list.

So, to cut a log story, when can I submit my idea?

Simple, at any time that suits you!

Remember to peruse Submit your Visual Studio idea using UserVoice before posting your idea and to motivate your community to vote for and comment on your ideas. Ideas which are actionable, have lots of votes and candid comments have the tendency to bubble up in a triage.


Looking forward to seeing your ideas “bubble up” on http://visualstudio.uservoice.com. Smile

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