Important URLs and our dream of 500,000 downloads

For those that attended the recent RangersTalk session, Bijan’s dream of crossing the 500,000 downloads in FY13 for ALM Ranger solutions on CodePlex milestone is nothing new. It is an ambitious goal, just what he ALM Rangers need. If we continue at the current rate, we will breach 420,000 by the end of FY13 … we therefore have to boost the downloads!

How about we ask Bijan to present the next RangersTalk in the DarthVader outfit, with cameras rolling, as soon as we breach the 500k?

PLEASE help us raise the awareness of ALM Ranger solutions and especially the readiness “gig”. Here are a few links that everyone involved with the Visual Studio ALM community should have in their back keyboard and share with the community at every opportunity:

· ALM Rangers Readiness “GIG” – The latest release news:

· ALM Rangers Readiness Awareness Video:

· ALM Rangers Awareness Slides (PDF), which have been created thanks to Rui Melo:

· ALM Rangers Solutions on CodePlex:|&refinedSearch=true

· Understanding the ALM Rangers

Understanding the Visual Studio ALM Rangers

Now let’s crack that milestone! The above mentioned video is a “must see”, especially if you know Zayd Kara Smile

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