Rex Tang drives ALM Ranger guidance localization in Japan!

The Japanese community, under the mentorship of Rex Tang (湯川 智彦) have started with the localization of ALM Ranger solutions that are key to their region.

File:Flag of Japan.svg

Latest releases:

Phenomenal effort and an immense boost for the ALM Rangers and their value-add guidance in Japan. Well done and thank you!

According to Rex Tang … “this is just a start for Rangers localization content, and we are planning on localize VS2012 contents too, stay tuned. Candid feedback is welcome

You can view and participate in the poll Random Poll - Visual Studio ALM Ranger Guide Localization to raise your voice for future efforts.

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  1. ADARSH says:


    I wish to find out whether I can customize TFS 2010 in Japanese for a Japanese client? What are the challenges that we face when implementing TFS in Japanese?

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