CodePlex download package organization (survey feedback)

We are running a survey to determine the best way to structure the Visual Studio ALM Rangers CodePlex download packages.

The interim results and discussions would lean towards the following structure:


This means that the current download package …

… would be changed to:

In essence:

  • Consolidate the deliverables into three main ZIP files
  • Do not use a default download, which forces user to select which to download
  • Drop the individual files from the download package as it adds noise

Does this match your expectations? If not, please add a comment and give us your views.

Comments (3)

  1. I never liked the default download approach. It gave me "something." then I later figured out I wanted something else. It just felt weird – I'm just sayin. In some contexts, I think a default could be the optimal choice. For example, if your primary product is a software package, the default might be binaries. And the optional downloads might be source and training materials. But I don't like a default for guidance.

    I like the new proposed approach better.

  2. Matt Ring says:

    I would agree with David on this one. I like the consolidated approach better.

  3. Tommy Sundling says:

    I agree with previous writers, the consolidated approach feels like the right way to go, as long as it's made clear what each package contains.

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