MVP Summit – The last (best) day!

Thanks to Charles Sterling “Chuck” we had two great labs for the day, one used to run a series of discussions and the other a huge sandbox of machine allowing the ALM MVPs to mingle, chat, collaborate and play with the various bits. In my humble opinion this was the best day!

  • Note to self #1 – when mass copying VMs, do not get your rubber arm twisted to go and have dinner, instead of watching the process complete Smile
  • Note to self #2 – when doing any long-running operation and agreeing to run off to dinner, DISABLE Windows Update, which may (has) ruthlessly restarted machines in the middle of copying a 30GB VHD Disappointed smile
  • Note to self #3 – be first in the queue when a horde of ALM MVPs storm the coffee machines, or be content with the following blue screen Sad smile:

Pictures of the day …

DSCN8751Thomas Schissler delivering his ALM Rangers Practical Kanban session … we expected 5-10 attendees at the crack of the morning … I lost track after 40 humanoids wandered in.


DSCN8763 Ex-ALM MVP, now blue badge … Larry Guger

And finally the always smiling Hassan Fadili (left) who lights up any session, whether virtual (Lync) or face-face …
DSCN8765 … I wonder what Etienne Tremblay (right) was pondering over?!?

ALM MVPs and ALM MVP Rangers … THANK YOU for a great summit!

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