FAQ: I work in multiple projects … how can I see what I need to do at a glance?

In one of our Visual Studio ALM Ranger Team Project Collections we currently have 20+ active Team Projects and often ALM Rangers are assigned tasks in multiple solutions.

Common Question 1 – How can I possibly keep track of everything I need to do?

  1. Connect to your Team Project Collection and favourite Team Project, whereby I am using the Web Client against our Team Foundation Service environment: 
  2. Select “View Work Items”
  3. Create a personal query, example “All My WIs (Incomplete Tasks)”, as shown.
  4. Voila, now you have a view across the team project collection Smile


Common Question 2 – How can I do the same, but for my team?

  1. Connect to your Team Project Collection and favourite Team Project, whereby I am using our Team Foundation Service environment:
  2. Select “View Work Items”
  3. Create a shared query, example “All My WIs (TODO)”, as shown:
  4. Voila, now your team has the same query.
  5. [Optionally]Add to team favourites
  6. Now, when you go back to the home page of your favourite project, you always see how much work you have across all projects: 

SIMPLE! Smile I love this environment!

Comments (5)

  1. Allen Feinberg says:

    So can I query across team projects now in Excel in Dev11? If so…amazing!!! Can you share the way it works for excel based queries when you update?

  2. willys says:

    Not sure where Excel came up, but the feature I am using above works in both Visual Studio and the Web Client. The screen shots are from the latter. Opening such a query in Excel has and is failing with the error: "TF208015: You are trying to add work items that are not in the selected team project for this Microsoft Excel file".

    So, to cut a long story the answer is "no".

  3. Allen Feinberg says:

    Thanks for the answer Willy. Major bummer that excel support hasn't been fixed so that you don't get that error message. 🙁

  4. Automation Planet says:

    Very nice

  5. Oliver Schreck says:

    There is another way to see related project queries, and even get them into Excel:

    it is  a little bit cumbersome, but it works… open the query in a web-browser –> export to email or to report –> save to HTML –>open in excel, e voila there you go.