MVP Summit – The day of quiet … no MVPs :(

The ALM MVPs were all downtown, which left a near deserted campus and no ALM MVPs or ALM MVP Rangers to chat to all day … at least I had a reasonably OK view out of Bean's cave.

I also found the wine that Mike brought for me … yum, yum, I will enjoy this with my more beautiful half on the weekend Smile THANK YOU Mike!

The day ended with Charles Sterling “Chuck” and I copying BrianK’s VM to 40 odd machines, followed by going for a quick “salad” dinner!
THANKS Chuck for the food and exceptional company as always Smile

That’s it for MVP Summit day #3(4) … looking forward to the best day with the MVPs, PMs and especially the Practical Kanban, Build Customization Guide and Lab Management Guide project leads who will be happy to take you on a Rangers tour.

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