MVP Summit – The day of the (UN)HIDE button

Today was a stressful (at the time) and hilariously funny (looking back) day at the MVP Summit. Seeing all the great MVPs, the colleagues, the special friends and getting VERY special gifts made today a phenomenal day 🙂

Context: Imagine the scene … 5+ geeks, with just as many laptops, trying to get the overhead projector working. Finally a call to the support team, an engineer walks in and clicks on the (UN)HIDE button that no-one had ever noticed before … well you should understand the stress and disappointment when we eventually decided to postpone the ALM MVP Champion awards until tomorrow as we literally had 10 minutes left. Then again, visualizing the scenario and the gentlemen strolling in, going <CLICK> and walking out is just too funny 🙂

Pictures of the day …

Michael Fourie, Martin Hinshelwood, Jeff, the always smiling Hassan Fadili, Robert MacLean and some of the funny troubleshooting around an invisible (UN)HIDE button.

Charles Sterling “Chuck” gets a Lifetime Achievement Award from the MVPs … well deserved Chuck! You are a true champion!

Willy-Peter Schaub (that’s me) gets a special gift from the ALM MVP Rangers … whereby it concerns me that the ALM MVP Rangers speculate whether I am actually human Disappointed smile Thanks Tiago for the kind words and thank you ALM MVP Rangers for a very special gift!

… but there is more. See what my very special MVP colleague and friend Francisco Fagas gave me today …

DSCN8728 DSCN8729

The Eagle will get a VERY special place in our home on Friday evening!

Comments (3)

  1. Carola Schaub says:

    This is so thoughtful and beautiful…Enjoy the rest of the summit and try and relax a bit too.

  2. Allen Feinberg says:

    Where are the Ranger Projects? I thought they were sim shipping with the Beta.

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