TechReady 14 Report … T+4–Final Day Report from Willy’s perspective

TechReady is over … the dust is settling and I am convinced that all ALM Rangers are relaxing and recovering from a loooooooooooooooooooooong week of information overload 🙂

Here are the other TR14 blog posts:

When I looked at the (not yet final) results, I was amazed at the quality of sessions delivered and the phenomenal average achieved by the ALM Rangers. The developer track achieved showed an astonishing average of 4.44/5 this morning, which equates to 88.8%. The ALM Rangers average of their sessions, highlighted in red below) was a proud 4.712/5 this morning, which is 94%! ALM Rangers, you guys ROCK!


In terms of the Hands-on Labs, we achieved a 4,238/5 average, again ROCKING, considering the VERY critical developer community Smile


Here are the final pictures of TechReady14.

DSCN8224DSCN8225 What a stunning view from the 6th floor in Battlestar #41. The last day of TechReady welcomed us with a glorious blue sky.

Bob Hardister in his Battlestar #41 sabbatical cave Smile


Pierre Donyegro, Ewald Hofman (pink shirt) and Giulio Vian (behind laptop) delivered the last ALM Rangers session, which was interesting, informative and very collaborative.

As the two last photos show, taken 15min after session was over, the Rangers battled to call it a day.

DSCN8261 … the last view of Seattle before boarding the bus home.

C U @ TR15!

Comments (2)

  1. Allen Feinberg says:

    And still no betas?

  2. @Allen, this and related posts are about the TechReady. However, with SIM-shipping we are trying to ship SIMultaneously with Visual Studio 11 BETA, not before 🙂

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