TechReady 14 Report … T-1 days and getting nervous

Continued from TechReady 14 Report … T-3 days and a going back to the future, we have completed the second and third day of the Windows Azure exploration and( in parallel) last-minute preparations for the TechReady event.

More pictures snapped during the day …

DSCN8091DSCN8094 I really love the variety of beers in Northern America 🙂
DSCN8095DSCN8096 Walk to building #37 from the Homestead … beautiful campus!
DSCN8101DSCN8099DSCN8100 A few snapshots from building #41 … perhaps they explain why I call #41 the battle star 🙂

William, I just LOVE your office Smile

DSCN8103DSCN8104 The left photo was taken from #41, and shows #37 in the background.

The right photo is taken from #37, looking back #41.

Shows a small portion of the huge Microsoft campus in Redmond.

DSCN8106DSCN8105 Lastly a photo taken at the technical training, showing Rob Jarratt enjoying a typical developer lunch … food in a box, two coffees and 99.999% focus on the laptop 🙂

Take note of tomorrow’s ALM Ranger sessions, highlighted in yellow:

  • DEV329 * : Learning the new source code management (SCM) features of Visual Studio 11
  • DEV353 * : Beyond BRDLite
  • DEVCT202 * : How to land ALM Assessments by the customers
  • DEVCT203 * : Quick References
  • DEVCT301 * : Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance(ABE)
  • DEVCT302 * : VM Factory
  • DEVCT303 * : TFS Upgrade Guidance
  • DEVCT306 * : Team Foundation Server Project Planning
  • DEVCT307 * : Team Foundation Server Process Template Customization Guidance
  • DEVCT309 * : Test Release Management Guidance
  • DEVCT310 * : Ruck, Scrum, and using TFS on Windows Azure
  • DEVCT313 * : Practical Kanban Guidance

Final thoughts on Windows Azure, based on the past three days, will be published in a separate blog post once my brain has settled down after the information overload and subsequent dust storms Smile

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