TechReady 14 Report … T-3 days and a going back to the future

The TechReady event is an internal Microsoft event, so I cannot cover any of the event content. However, I can try to capture the vibe and the activities by the ALM Rangers highlighting the bridging, collaboration and sheer passion that the Rangers community is pouring into this event.

My agenda for the next three days is Windows Azure development and  trying to clarify the era of the  “cloud”.  Go to for a good starting point and a free trial of this exciting?!? technology.

Pictures taken today …

DSCN8077 A peek into Charles Sterling “Chuck” ‘s cave @ 1AM is always a great welcome to #41 … I love his artwork Smile
DSCN8085 Wow, the skeleton is back Sad smile Guess we have to go through this exercise again one day This is why working for DevX Customer and Project Management team is fun 🙂
DSCN8089 Those who worked on the OMB project down in Cape Town many, many moons ago will realise why I felt like “back to the future” over lunchtime. Martin, Charles and Peter, thank you for taking the time for the lunch chat and as always, I really enjoyed you guys debating
DSCN8090 The blue sky over Redmond is phenomenal and a pleasant change to the previous snowstorm and the frequent liquid sun. Hope we can fuel up with more sun tomorrow.

… now to catch-up the backlog and get some early sleep after 37 hours without sleep Smile

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