New version of Skype and Messenger providers … Nico Orschel was busy over Christmas :)

During the Christmas holidays Nico published a new version of the Skype provider, a modified Messenger provider with TFS 2010 Power Tools on Codeplex and a new Checkin Policy.

To polish up your German, digest the following blog post: Smile 

Messenger & Skype Provider

Nico explains the difference between original Messenger provider and his version to be the support for custom mappings. It’s now possible to map a corporate E-Mail-address (Active Directory) to a private (“messenger”) mail-address.  The Skype provider is, as he says, self-explaining.


Checkin Policy

The Check-In policy is designed for entering efforts and additional info into work items during check-in. It was released as part of the AIT productivity Tools on the VS Gallery ( ).

clip_image005 clip_image006

Another great family of nuggets Smile

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