Oh those acronyms/heteronyms … what are the ACV, ABE, ATE and CEO TLAs all about?

Anyone who knows me will have a smile on his face when noticing the acronyms and heteronyms that have entered the ALM Ranger ecosystem. If you are wondering about acronyms and my feeling about them, then have a peek at TLA ... why, why, why? and for heteronyms beam over to TFS Integration Platform – Moving away from the TIP Heteronym. Oh by the way, TLA = Three Lettered Acronym Smile

Here is an acronym lookup table for the ALM Ranger project codenames, that have sprinkled new acronyms over communication:

ABE African Black Eagle IMAG023 African Black Eagle (1) Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance
ACV African Cape Vulture Cape Vulture Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Planning Guide
AHE African Hawk Eagle 9998 African Hawk EaglePE Visual Studio Lab Management Guidance
AMO African Marsh Owl Marsh Owl Team Foundation Server Object Model Awareness … watch the space!
ATE African Tawny Eagle Tawny eagle

Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance

CEO Cape Eagle Owl Cape Eagle Owl P2180074 Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Branching & Merging Guide

Why Raptors? See Chatter … Aviation and Eagles … for those wondering where the Eagle Codenames in recent Rangers project are coming from 🙂 for the reason behind the use of these phenomenal creatures as our project mascots. All illustrations originate from http://birdsofprey.co.za, which is a “must visit” destination when you visit Dullstroom in South-Africa.

A special thanks to the ALM Ranger leads who are supporting this great initiative and helping us to keep the Open-mouthed smile alive!

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