ALM Rangers Visual Studio 11 Readiness – Part 5: A small peek at the upcoming Build Customization and “Tooling” Guidance (ATE)

This is part to an exploration of the upcoming ALM Rangers solutions for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 11. Previous posts:

In this post we are taking a look at the Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance which also delivered a great ALPHA release:



This Visual Studio ALM Ranger project has the primary goal of delivering scenario based and hands-on lab guidance for the customization and deployment of Team Foundation Build.


The Epics included in the guidance are:

  • Practical guidance and tooling to simplify the customization of Team Foundation Build
  • Practical guidance to use Team Foundation Build process templates to automate build and non-build scenarios in Microsoft environments
  • Practical guidance on using Team Foundation Build in Heterogeneous Environments
  • Practical guidance to enable simple and flexible deployment of applications and their data stores
  • Practical guidance for Activities to empower developers and build engineers
  • Quality hands-on labs that complement the guidance and effectively guide the user through the features
  • Visualization of the guidance using quick reference posters

New guidance, new custom activities and even tooling creeping into the mix Smile

The guidance makes use of the Community TFS Build Extensions ( which is a collection of custom build activities, templates and other resources for Team Foundation Build. Please visit and follow this project for the latest releases. In the latest show-what-you-have, we had a phenomenal demo of a new tool which will bring a smile to many build masters and administrators.

Visit the Community TFS Build Extensions ( and have a look at the new TFS Build Manager tool, which will bring many, many smiles to build masters and administrators:
image… read more about this tool on Jakob Ehn’s blog post here.

Michael Fourie and team, you are “rocking”! Your energy, passion and tenacious collaboration is second to none!

Comments (4)

  1. Allen Feinberg says:

    I know it's at alpha but the community TFS Build manager is constantly crashing Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1. It seems like a great idea…something that SHOULD already be BUILT into the product, but since it isn't, if it becomes more stable and polished then I may be able to use it. At this point it is UNUSABLE….but it's alpha so I didn't have high expectations.

  2. Allen, as you mention it is Alpha, BUT I hope that you are still reoporting the problems you are experiencing? Let's see what Mike can add to your feedback.

  3. Michael Fourie says:

    Hi Allen

    Please could you email me re your crashes. Even Alpha code should be usable! Sorry to hear your frustration.


    michaelfourie – @ – gmail – com

  4. Tarun__Arora says:


    Just build an extension point for Community Build Manager –…/build-manager-extensionndashscribe-for-build-notes.aspx

    Cheers, Tarun

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