Rangers Flash – November 2011

Projects News

  • CodedUI (VSCUG) … We have two out of three assessments (Geopol, Accessibility & Privacy) completed.
  • Word4TFS (TFSWP) … Working on improving the user experience to make templates easier to use and to design.
  • Visual Studio 11 Readiness … the teams are hard at work to meet upcoming milestones, such as ALPHA review, Show-What-You-Have event #2, TechReady14 Hands-on Lab submission and load balancing resources to help extinguish some of the normal IT-fires

Community News

Visual Studio Gallery and Other Bits and Pieces

Closing Humo(u)r

  • Senior moments … Michael Fourie has pointed us at an interesting blog post … Blame My Doorway For Senior Moments

  • Ever wondered why North America calls Autumn the Fall? I am experiencing it first-hand … you rake up the leaves that have fallen, you go to bed, you wake up, you walk into the previously tidy garden in the morning and start wondering whether you had another senior moment (see above) … because the all the leaves are back Sad smile

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