Applying to formatting hotfixes to ALM Rangers guidance … and subtle caution for next wave of guidance!

Michael Fourie has recently identified a small, but annoying gremlin in the and guidance, which together has enjoyed over 7,000 downloads. Not sure why no one has complained as yet, but for both Michael Fourie and I this is a serious “migraine causing”  issue, which has been addressed in hotfix updates to the following guidance:

HF1_2 HF1_1

What was the problem?

  1. In both the guidance and hands-on lab documentation most (probably all)  of the figure and table numbers were missing. Selecting all text in the document and forcing a refresh (F9) brought back the figure and table numbers.
  2. By fixing the figure and table numbers with a refresh, the document title and subject vanished off both the homepage and the page headers.

PPP_PRD_464_3D_people-Telescope … investigation was needed, whereby I have yet to reproduce error (1).

What is the subtle caution?

The second problem is an easy one to explain, because before publishing we ran a Prepare for Sharing check.


If you opt to Remove Document Properties and Personal Information, any future document refresh will miss the title and subject, mysteriously releasing it off the header page and the headers.


Be careful when selecting these options in future! In the meantime we will continue to try and reproduce the vanishing figure and table numbers …

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