TFS Integration Tools – Why does guidance state that TFS supports directory level branching? Is this an error?

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On the Branching section of the "TFS Integration Platform - Subversion Migration Guidance" document, it is stated "Perforce and Clear case, for example, are based on file level branching, whereas TFS is based on directory level branching". I am able to branch a single file in TFS, so is this an error in the documentation or do they mean something else?


We are busy updating the readiness package and associated documentation to clarify the statement. File branching is supported in Team Foundation Server, but the best practice is to branch at the folder level, or better yet, at the branch level. Clearcase has a different model that results in individual file branching, or what we would call sparse branching. It is critical to understand Team Foundation Server branching (see for more information) and the guidance in order to formulate the best migration plan.

What to avoid …

Avoid complex branching structures, such as the following:

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  1. Lennart says:

    PBI: As a CM I would like to keep the branches to a minimum so that Willy will get his neck red in the sun… 🙂

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