TFS Integration Tools – In the land of the rising sun :)

What makes the ALM Rangers such an awesome community?

Recently one of our new ALM Rangers, Masashi Fujiwara, fPPP_PRD_117_3D_people-People_Around_The_Globerom Japan raised a problem with the TFS Integration Tools. The tooling was not working as expected when moving source code from SubVersion to Team Foundation Server.

Without hesitation Thorsten Dralle, the author of the SubVersion adapter, jumped in and working with Masashi-san managed to create test environment in Europe, testing with a SubVersion database which was literally like “Japanese” 🙂


Within days of collaboration Masashi-san and Thorsten-san debugged and resolved the bug. To cut a long blog short, the TFS Integration Too,s had to be made aware of Japan, the different localization and the handling of the data. The fix has been checked in on Codeplex, but is not yet included in the official or supported build.

PS: Masashi-san, we still need your feedback to introduce you on our Rangers Index, which will hopefully introduce the rest of the world to your secretive, but most probably very beautiful home!

A huge THANK YOU to Thorsten-san for jumping in and resolving the bug and Masashi-san for being so supportive and for extending the Rangers community to Japan!

PPP_PRD_198_3D_people-VIP… you are both Super Stars!

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  1. David L. Beckwith says:

    Any update on the roadmap for the TFS Integration Platform….it's been mighty quiet for a long long time….too long.

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