Vancouver Development Center “Caring Day” – Stanley Park Ecology Society

On October 21 our development center separated into three groups working at:

  • Marine Mammal Rescue Association
  • Stanley Park Ecology Society
  • Wild Life Rescue Association

Our group visited the great Stanley Park and listened to a presentation by the Stanley Park Ecology Society about invasive species and listening to our days task … pulling of Ivy in the forest. Here are a few (it was too wet to take many) pictures of the day, which was cold and very wet, yet interesting and rewarding.

IMG_2804 … at this stage we were still warm, dry, flashy and smiling Smile

IMG_2822IMG_2835 … the end.

My ride home on public transport, filthy and wet like a river rat, raised many eye brows … if only I could have read the people’s minds Smile

All in all a GREAT day, a great TEAM and a good way to unwind a lot of the digital-world threads by being away from the bits and bytes.

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