(External) Visual Studio ALM Ranger Champions 2011.2 are known! Cowabunga!

Twice a year the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, not employed by MSFT,  are asked to nominate three peers who they believe have been champions in recent and current Rangers projects and have gone far beyond the call of duty.

I am truly honoured to announce the 2011.2 champions, who will appear on the Visual Studio ALM Rangers Center shortly:

  1. Michael Fourie
  2. Martin Hinshelwood
  3. Robert MacLean


The image above shows a few interesting facts:

  • Mike has stormed off with most of the votes this time … must the the friendly South-African nature and smile Smile
  • Martin and Robert competed closely for #2 slot … it was a keyboard to keyboard race.
  • Out of the 70 non-MSFT Rangers, 23 received at least one champion vote
  • For those of you using a ruler to check the bar edges, #4 and #5tight on the heels of Martin and Robert as well.

Here are the anonymous comments I picked out of the poll results. I decided against trimming the list, because the comments emphasise just how phenomenal these champions and their peers are:

  • Robert ... very active in the community overall and has been very helpful with the TFS Integration Tools. Francisco ... has delivered great value with the latest architecture tooling guidance extension update, especially the integrated HOLs. Mike ... no idea what this gentleman eats, he is phenomenal. His Controlled Vocab is proving to be a real productivity tool and he is always willing to go the extra mile when one of his colleagues has *any* issue.
  • Mike adds value to everything he touches!
  • They contribute, provide valuable feedback to the Ranger projects
  • Outstanding knowledge in the area they work in
  • Cause he is awesome
  • I've seen what they are doing and believe those guys are examples of how ALM contribution should look like.
  • For their continued enthusiastic support for the ALM Rangers program and the quality of their work.
  • Bob is always very active in the community as is Mike
  • Selecting a champion is a bit unfair because it is almost impossible to have a complete vision of all contributions. From the projects I've followed more closely Mike has done a terrific job.
  • It seems that they are very active and produce some great results
  • Contributions to the Ranger Community. Controlled vocabulary and blogging
  • Their contributions have been the greatest help to me.
  • They have given me the most support, insight and understanding over the last year.
  • They are the names I most see or hear from and Me - because I work hard at it. 😉
  • Both Mike and Robert are very active as Rangers and always make sure to do that little extra to deliver great value.
  • Mike's work on Controlled Vocab
  • I've chosen André because here in Brazil he has been doing a great job in the Brazilian community talking about the BRD Lite project that he had worked. Neno and Martin are "worldwide TFS voices". Their blogs and contributions are the best ones!
  • Consistent quality contributions. [but it was a tough choice, since there are so many who meet the "Bar"]
  • Passionate, active contributors
  • I selected Bob because he did a great job at "Build Customization Guide". Mike Fourie by his great support at Build Extension and Build Customization Guide Team and Martin by his constant contribution with forums, blogs, etc.
  • The major reasons are his community involvement and his writing about ALM best practices.
  • Excellent community contributions
  • Rob has been making so many contributions!
  • Mike is simply phenomenal in terms of his community involvement and support of Rangers, MVPs and colleagues.
  • Mike ... a "rock star" ALM MVP! Jahangeer is a rising star, who is a new but very engaged community champion.
  • True champs, especially Mike who leads by example 🙂

COWABUNGA Mike, Robert and Martin!

WELL DONE everyone else … 2012.1 is around the corner 🙂

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