Recent highlights @ MSFT … cool pictures I found while cleaning up my laptop

Here are a few pictures I have scrapped together and ordered this weekend, which show a few highlights @ Microsoft in recent weeks … always having fun 🙂

DCPM Team Golf Afternoon … we had great fun and I even managed to hit the ball once or twice Smile

WP_000029 (2)WP_000032WP_000033WP_000034WP_000035 (2)

DCPM Team Meeting … Sharon moving to New York Sad smile


Stress balls I organized from MS Shop for the Grade 4’s at Southpointe Academy


I LOVE my Windows Phone since installing 7.5 (Mango)

DSCN6043 … Top Feature #1 – aggregated view of all collaboration channels (phone, mail, messenger, …)

DSCN6044 … Top Feature #2 – threaded email view is a huge productivity feature.

My spare laptop finally goes Windows 8 … watching my boys using the new environment. I showed them the useful tile “Classic Desktop”, but they immediately switched back to the new user interface Disappointed smile


To conclude this post of highlight images, here are my three precious sons in the tile format and two lovely flowers I spotted while walking in Delta this weekend:

TileIt 7e278ed4-1c0a-4560-82a1-e10605ddc81a



… watch this space for a “show what we have” post from the Understanding our Visual Studio 11 Readiness conspiracy at the end of October. Some of the teams have already made huge strides Smile

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  1. About the documentation says:

    I'm very impressed with all the Guidance that ALM Rangers team has been finished up to now. It's very well written and the problem is realistic, too. I wonder what tools you use to design the Guidances, do you use Word, or Visio to design the picture and graph? Can you share the template? I myself really want to write such professional architecture document.


  2. Which guidance are you refering to in particular? The Visual Studio Architecture tooling guidance and if yes, the Visual Studio Extension or the document based guidance solution?

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