Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Lennart Jansson

This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. See An index to all Rangers covered on this blog for more details.

Who are you?

Lennart Jannson MugshotMy name is Lennart Jansson and I’m from the southwestern part of Sweden. I’ve been working with different areas of software development since mid-80’s and have a deep experience in many different programming languages, platforms and OS’s. I’m working for Volvo Information Technology within a global expert team called ADT.NET. My main task is everything regarding ALM, Scrum, SCM, Build automation, WiX, MSI and Deploy in Visual Studio and TFS. Travelling all over the world to educate, train and coach people within these areas.

What makes you tick?

All kinds of challenges, problem solving, not only work related. It could be fx solving a tricky build or deploy scenario, how to find the best climbing path up a mountain, the best way to handle a curve or a dirt track with my motorcycle, optimal exposure of a picture under extreme conditions. It all leads to that great feeling when you succeed…

Where do you live?

Lennart JannsonOn a tiny island named Hälsö outside Gothenburg, Sweden. The Swedish archipelago is a really beautiful place!

Where is the place you call home?

Well except for my statement in the previous question I would say “Everywhere I lay my hat”, love travelling, learning about different cultures, get to know people all over the world.

Why are you active in the Rangers program?

Having the chance to contribute to the best development platform in modern time is an honor, working with all these skilled Rangers to help people understand and utilize this platform in best possible way is without doubt some real great experience!

What is the best Rangers project you worked on and why?

Haven’t got the opportunity to work with any project yet. But if I should mention some of the projects that impress me it would be “Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Branching Guide” and “Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance” both are some really impressive work!

Comments (3)

  1. Mike Fourie says:

    Welcome to the Team!

  2. Bartek says:

    Good work Lennart

  3. Lennart says:

    Thanks guys, really excited about this 🙂

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