Rangers Flash – September 2011


Projects News

  • CodedUI (VSCUG) … we are folding the guidance component into the new Visual Studio 11 Readiness initiative. The Word Extension for Coded UI is complete and currently going through final reviews.
  • Word4TFS (TFSWP) … we are busy triaging the final issues and bugs and planning the first BETA. Watch this space!
  • Rangers launch their biggest ever “Gig” … see Understanding our Visual Studio 11 Readiness conspiracy for details. 
  • Visual Studio 11 Readiness, the “Gig”, status in a nutshell:
  • Finalizing the planning phase and getting ready for kick-off: ALM Assessment Guidance, Branching and Merging Guidance, BRDLite Reference Templates, Practical Kanban Guidance, Practical Ruck Guidance, Rangers Personas and Scenarios, Requirements Engineering Guidance, Team Foundation Server Process Template Customization Guidance and Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance
  • In construction phase: Build Customization Guidance, Coded UI Test Automation Guidance, Microsoft Test Manager Guidance, Team Foundation Server Azure Practical Guidance, Team Foundation Server Team Project Guidance, Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guidance, Test Case Branching Tooling and Guidance, Visual Studio Lab Management Guidance, Visual Studio Quick Reference Guidance and VM Factory Tooling and Guidance
  • On-hold, awaiting the go-go-go: Team Foundation Server Integration Tools Guidance Revision
  • Ranger Solution download statistics … we will be sharing the download trends for the Visual Studio ALM Ranger solutions on a monthly basis as part of this flash for some time.
    201109_Rangers_Downloads … click on image for a less cryptic view 🙂
  • Ranger email statistics … for the past 28 days for the Visual Studio 1 Readiness “Gig” has resulted in 567 emails trickling into my mailbox.
      - 40% of email used Controlled Vocab, tendency rising
      - 19% of email where discussion forum alerts showing a gradual move of team discussions from email to forums, tendency rising

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