Picture(s) of the Week … 3

My favourite picture(s) of the week

I often stop at this spot in Seattle, where old and new stand side by side, with a pinch of greenery.

I often look up in the sky for signs. When you rotate this picture, which I snapped on 23/Sep/2011 on route to Seattle,  clockwise by 90deg you should notice the A and when you rotate it anticlockwise the message. To rotate picture clockwise, simple turn your head left (anticlockwise) ... easier than literally turning your monitor clockwise 🙂

Funny / Strange Picture of the week

On the left we have “the” team, the family …  more professionally called the DevX Customer and Project Management  (DCPM) team. The funny part is that I believe the Avatar is a fairly good match of the dude on the right Smile


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