Who is Willy? Revealing the person behind the digital persona…

Everyone in our team is introducing themselves to each other, revealing the person behind the digital persona and elaborating on what makes us tick. I presented today and although the digital gremlin joined and introduced some logistical hiccups, I had fun and believe that it may be of value to share the slides and my thoughts.

Have fun …

Willy1 For my session I decided to present a series pictures I made, which probably has some historical value, will encourage some laughter, but most importantly will give you an opportunity to figure out what makes Willy tick.

To get the technical stuff out of the way, here is a quick timeline of my IT career, which started when I studied Electrical Engineering and by sheer accident signed up for a programming course.

What followed was a long career with Burroughs working on the CTOS operating system … an O/S way ahead of its times.

When the BETA for NT 3.5 was available, a switch to Windows was imminent Smile

Willy3 August 1962 is when my time slice on this planet began in Basel, Switzerland.
Looking at the pictures, that was a long time ago and I must emphasize that I obviously made none of these pictures.

Just after the right picture was taken, at the age of 5, we emigrated to South-Africa.

NOTE: You can click on the photo to get a bigger version … find Willy Smile


A few snapshots of my wife Carola (teacher) and my three boys Alexander, Jacques and Thorsten. The Schaub Clan!


Thanks to my dad, I returned to Europe to do my national service and for two years I enjoyed the stylish Swiss camouflage pyjama and the phenomenal scenery of Switzerland.

In 2007 we visited the Glaubenberg as a family and I was able to show them my favourite place in the Alps and the farms we used as a camp in 1985. Bottom right picture shows my unit sleeping in a barn.

Willy7 We explored most of the South-African coast under the water, but occasionally came up for air. My favourite place is Aliwal Shoal … Shipwrecks and Shark Alley Smile

I also enjoyed a few years with the police force, as a reservist police diver. The experiences, the diving and the colleagues were phenomenal.

My favourite inland destination was Wondergat, especially with the guys from the Divisional Riot Unit as shown on the left.


The trip of our lifetime was a 4 week trip to the islands of Guam and Truk in 1991, where we explored ships that were destroyed during the second world war.

Top left is my favourite picture looking towards Param/Udot … our daily view as we were sipping a Budweiser … the only beer available on the tiny island Smile


I visited the Middle-East, especially Bahrain and Kuwait, where I experienced real heat as you can see on the one photograph.


NOTE: Also see Back in the trenches … a few pictures from the Yukon “paradise”

In Canada we have visited the Yukon up North …


… Osoyoos, which is surrounded by the Okanagan Winelands and the only desert in Canada, …


and the surroundings of Ladner where we live.


So, to conclude … what makes me tick is:

Family, Nature, Technology and the IT Community.

Now that I have made a start, we can hopefully get some other Visual Studio ALM Rangers doing likewise  Smile

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  1. Long time no see, from Ferenc says:

    Hi Willy

    I remember you in the Unisys days, working with Godfrey Pearce, Peter Niewoudt, et el.

    Nice to see you here

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