Picture(s) of the week

This blog is primarily focused on the Visual Studio ALM Ranger community and solutions. I thought that it could probably benefit from some less technical and “light” content, which is why I am starting this weekly (I hope) post which will show one (or two) of my favourites photo(s) and where possible one of the many funny signs we keep seeing.

My favourite picture of the week … 2011/09/05

My favourite picture of the week shows the Ladner Gold Rep Soccer team, after they tied with two other teams for Gold and eventually got Silver based on goal differences … after a long and hard fought weekend tournament. It shows that hard work and team effort is awarded and my son Jacques even managed to smile on this picture  after he played like a tenacious Rhino for three days Smile


Funny / Strange Picture of the week

An interesting one I recently received from my colleague Mike … I wonder if the people putting up these signs ever wonder about the potential and probably unintended impact and/or interpretations Smile


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