TFS Integration Tools – Why would I get the “TFSIP Worker Process Group” message?

One of our Visual Studio ALM Rangers asked the following question today:

“Why would I get the “TFSIP Worker Process Group” message when I am an Admin on the box and on TFS and the account that TFSIP is running under is also an Admin on the box.”

Firstly, what is the TFSIP Worker Process Group?

  • TFSIP Worker Process Group is a local group created by the TFS Integration Tools setup and assigned as the default login account of the migration and job service.
  • Setup creates a local group (WPG), adds the user running setup and the service account into that group and then grants it permission to write into the working directory and wherever we create log files. The test used at runtime to decide whether to show the warning below is simply based on group membership, not whether the person running the tool happens to have the same (or greater) rights.

So, why am I getting this error?

  • You will likely get this error if the user running the tool differs from the user who installed the TFS Integration Tools.
  • You may get this error is credentials or group membership are modified after the TFS Integration Tools setup.

What happens if I select No?

  • An admin can say Yes or No to the prompt and things should still work – they will just be prompted again if they say No.

A special thanks to Terry, Bill E. and Bill B. from the product team for jumping in and gathering the information.

Comments (2)

  1. Chris Hetter says:

    One of the  most useless dialogs of all time  – You're telling me the user can only choose Yes.


    But in the end, when I think about leadership, passion and attention to detail, I think back to the call I received from Steve Jobs on a Sunday morning in January. It was a lesson I'll never forget. CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday.…/gcSStkKxXTw

    Bet Brian H never looked at this dialog before and thought "useful"

  2. No, the user can choose yes or no.

    – When chosing "Yes", the users will be added to the TFSIP Worker Process Group and thereafter the migration will proceed.

    – When chosing "No, the migration will simply proceed. In this case the user will be prompted with the same dialog when the session is re-run. This option is typically "useful" for administrators running ad-hoc migration sessions, but do not want their credentials in the mentioned group.

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