Bill Heys does it again … Worldwide Lead for the ALM Community within Microsoft

Bill Heys has just made us aware that he is now the lead for the Worldwide ALM Community within Microsoft Services, which is a huge challenge and opportunity for both Bill and the community.

For the few of us who do not know Bill, here is a short summary:

  • Bill is a Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) Senior Consultant based in Boston (home of the Bruins, the team that beat the Canucks in the Stanley Cup 2011), Massachusetts and brings a wealth of experience in the ALM space, not to mention his own strong passion for community and the benefit, engagement, and support of the members
  • Bill is a Visual Studio ALM Core Ranger and leads the development of the Branching Guidance.
  • Bill was named Visual Studio ALM Ranger 2011 Lead of the Top Solution:
  • Bill is a certified Scrum Master (, but always seems to end up working with waterfall organizations
  • Bill has a very interesting blog here: … subscribe today!

The Worldwide Application Lifecycle Management Community is an internal worldwide “gathering place” for Microsoft Services employees who focus on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This WW ALM Community brings together news and technical discussions on Microsoft® Visual Studio (VS) and ALM. Worldwide Communities also represent the interests and needs of Microsoft Services employees in planning internal technical readiness conferences (such as TechReady) and other readiness investments. A key focus of all Microsoft worldwide communities is to identify, collect, and rate reusable IP and to make this IP readily available and searchable for all Microsoft Services employees. The WW ALM Community is fully aligned with and collaborates with the VS ALM Rangers and the Visual Studio product group as well as the ALM Service Line Offerings team.

We will be working closely with Bill to ensure that we bring ALM Community within Microsoft, the ALM Rangers and the ALM Communities closer in alignment and closer together.

Congratulations Bill, we are very proud of you!


Comments (3)

  1. Allen Feinberg says:

    Bill's a great guy and amazing at ALM and TFS.  

    It's sad that Microsoft is so big that no-one outside of Microsoft has ever even heard of this worldwide group.

    I'll point out the obvious: how big an impact can Bill have in this new group? I bet he'll touch hundreds of blue badges who sell their quota…but Bill will miss out on touching thousands of microsoft's actual living breathing customers using the real product.

    I expect to see Bill's blog wither without updates, I can't blame him as this new role will sideline him from helping the broader non MSFT community(bummer cuz he's a great writer).

    Good luck Bill…we will miss you. Now who's going to take the reins of the branching guidance project?

  2. Allen, I will let Bill respond in more detail … but need to emphasise that Bill is still a Visual Studio ALM Core Ranger and will continue to lead the Branchign Guidance project. Bill over to you … 🙂

  3. Bill Heys says:


    First let me say THANK YOU for such kind words and vote of confidence.

    As for *missing me*, alas that is likely to not be the case :). As I tried to have Willy state in his blog on this announcement "Worldwide ALM Community within Microsoft Services:" and "Worldwide Application Lifecycle Management Community is an internal worldwide “gathering place” for Microsoft Services employees " it is not known outside of Microsoft by design. It is only available to Full-Time Employees. This is different from VS ALM Rangers where you can be a Microsoft ALM MVP, for example, and a member of the External Rangers team.

    I will also point out that this WW ALM Community comprises Microsoft Consultants who, in f act, are using Microsoft Visual Studio and Team Foundatio Server 2010   every day.

    Before accepting this challenge, I had to reassure myself that I would not abandon my role as a VS ALM Ranger or my passion for the Ranger Branching Guidance. I will continue to lead the next release of the Branching and Merging Guidance and other activities as a VS ALM Ranger.

    The good news, I hope, is that I can impact BOTH the VS ALM Rangers and Microsoft's INTERNAL WW ALM Community, hopefully making the combination stonger and more effective.

    I would also note… recently I got an email from a co-worker I worked with almost thirty years ago. We were both consultants working at the same client, but have not worked together for over fifteen years. Apparently he had heard from someone we worked with *way back then* that I had passed away. So he contacted me to make sure I was *still kicking*. The moral of this story is… I am not dead, and I am not leaving the VS ALM Rangers, and I hope to make my blog even better.

    Thanks again Allen.



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