This is why working for DevX Customer and Project Management team is fun :)

For weeks … no months … I have been walking past my colleague Doug’s office and admiring the skeleton created by our handyman Chuck.
DSCN5007 … huh?

Today we took the bull by the horns, or should that be the Halo by the helmet, and assembled the commander who will be guarding Doug’s office.DSCN5008DSCN5009DSCN5010

Sharon dropped in for a quick group photo and we agreed that the commander could also evangelize Jeff Levinson’s Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010 book.


After 1.5 hours of fun, which we also used to catch-up, discuss the next wave of Ranger projects and ponder over how to collaborate on feedback from the community, we had a cool new office atmosphere for Doug Smile


I love this team! Smile

Comments (2)

  1. Doug Turnure says:

    I'm impressed with how much Master Chief likes Jeff's book. He can't seem to put it down 😉

    Thanks for popping in and helping assemble him….

  2. Tried to loan the book this morning for a quick read … no way, Master Chief is hanging on 🙂 Thanks for allowing us to have some fun in your office,

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