Lab Management Guide (AHE) … which Epics should we be considering for v2?

We are busy considering an upgrade to the Visual Studio Lab Management Guidance and need to define the top 3 Epics that we should consider. What is valuable to “you”, what is needed by “your” environments and customers?

AHE_Nicola ... in case you are wondering about AHE … African Hawk Eagle (“Nicola”), living at

Your candid feedback would be appreciated in terms of the proposed Epics. Either suggest a change to one of the Epics or propose one or more alternative Epics. The only constraint we have is that we are limited to a maximum of three Epics at this stage.

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  1. BHardister says:

    As a part of vNext, I believe we need to address non-hyperV machines and how they can be used in the LM workflow.

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