Architecture Tooling Guide (ABE) … which Epics should we be considering for v3?

Francisco Fagas has stepped forward to take the responsibility of project lead for the proposed Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance solution Francisco_Xavier_Fagas_Albarracínupgrade. Once again I am truly humbled by the commitment and passion this Ranger and am looking forward to the next release of these exciting solution and associated Visual Studio Extension.

The team is busy spinning up and looking at the past backlog and numerous feedback we have received from Rangers and the Community. What we need to define are the top 3 Epics that we must consider for Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance. What is valuable to “you”, what is needed by “your” environments and customers?

IMAG023 African Black Eagle ... in case you are wondering about ABE … African Black Eagle, living at

Your candid feedback would be appreciated in terms of the proposed Epics. Either suggest a change to one of the Epics or propose one or more alternative Epics. The only constraint we have is that we are limited to a maximum of three Epics at this stage.

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