Rangers July 2011 Flash

Projects News
Project News

  • CodedUI (VSCUG) project is in the middle of sprint 5 and still focusing on in-depth guidance content development.
  • Word4TFS (TFSWP) project team is working on stabilizing the code, all critical and high severity bugs have been resolved and now awaiting confirmation that the recently resolved ones can be closed.
  • Branching Guidance (TFSBG) … prioritizing backlog and starting to focus on new key scenarios. Diagrams have been reworked to match new colour scheme.
  • TFS Iteration Automation (AFE-TFSIA) project is limping along due to severe bandwidth crunches. Planning to increase team to create a more predictable cadence.
  • Infrastructure Working Group is a small team of dedicated Rangers who have come together to tackle some of the infrastructure lowlights, based on the recent satisfaction survey. Proposed changes are under investigation and will be introduced soon.
    - Can you help?
    - We are still looking for a Ranger who is passionate about portal designs and happy to reorganize the Rangers Portal home page.
  • Post-mortem meeting for Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance (ATE) was completed and lots of candid feedback has been gathered. We are busy analysing how to enhance Ruck to address the lessons learned.

Community News

  • Rangers mentioned on the Rangers Index this month listed in sequence of appearance: Micheal Learned, John Jacob, Daniel Meixner, Jim Szubryt
  • Bob Hardister chats about his recent sabbatical in Redmond and Vancouver. Thanks to all the Rangers who made this latest sabbatical a real success! Read all about is here: http://agilescmtalk.com/node/52
  • Next Rangers Talk is on 4th August, with a core focus on FY12, vNext Readiness and infrastructure changes. This is probably one of the most important Ranger meetings to date … please make every effort to attend if you are a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, to understand the imminent Ranger adventure and to ask all your questions.
  • The TechReady13, Redmond Washington July 25-29, finished last Friday as a big success. Dev track average rose to the scary 4.54, and we won multiple awards.
  • When demonstrating the Rangers community at TR13 we noticed that we are still missing a lot of Rangers in the Ranger Index (Who is Who?). Please email us your answers to the standard questions and include a non-IT photo.

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Closing Humo(u)r

… any idea where this humorous weather forecasting station is located?


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