TechReady 13 Journal: T+1 Day 2 (Trimming the branches)

Today was a fairly busy schedule day and as a result the pictures are few and far between.

Visual Studio ALM Ranger Joseph in a happy mood (left) and with an even happier Visual Studio ALM Ranger Lead Bijan. The TR13 Dev Track average scores must be up looking at Bijan’s smile Smile
DSCN3942 … the session by Brian Harry and Sean McBreen was great, but under NDA … hence the out-of-focus photo.
DSCN3943 … Doug defining the new mobile office. Always busy working Smile
DSCN3944 … Visual Studio ALM Ranger
Bill Heys just before delivering “the” TR13 session (in my humble opinion): DEV343 - Rangers: Branching for Scrum and more Agile Development
DSCN3945… hug?!? Join us on Thursday in the Rangers ChalkTalks and find out Smile

Questions of the day, whereby I took the liberty to add some answers in italic.

  • What would the question “How is it possible I have no question today?” be called? I first thought an Oxymoron, but my wife (German/English Teacher) would probably rip my head off.

See you at the following [Ranger|Ranger delivered] sessions tomorrowAngry smile

  • DEV314 - Building Robust, Maintainable Coded UI Tests with Visual Studio 2010
  • DEV304 - Disassembling the DevDiv Build Process

Also remember the “Ask the Expert” event in the evening!

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