TFS Integration Tools – Why is ReflectedWorkItemId not working? (Bug 690647)

We have just raised a bug against the latest build of the TFS Integration Tools, as the feature documented in What is the EnableInsertReflectedWorkItemId that I noticed in logfiles all about is not working as defined. Please  keep an eye on this space, as well as the Codeplex and Visual Studio Gallery sites for a resolution.


When defining a custom value for the ReflectedWorkItemId and enabling the feature, the ReflectedQWorkItemId is not reflected in the migrated work items and no warning or error is raised in the log files.

<CustomSetting SettingKey="EnableInsertReflectedWorkItemId" SettingValue="true" />
<CustomSetting SettingKey="ReflectedWorkItemIdFieldReferenceName" SettingValue="Custom.Sync.MyReflectedName" />


  • Do not define a custom ReflectedWorkItemId in the session configuration.
  • Define the following field in the target work item type definitions, whereby refname must be defined as highlighted and the name can be any custom value.
    • <FIELD refname="TfsMigrationTool.ReflectedWorkItemId" name="Your Custom Name" type="String">

Bug ID




Fixed in


ReflectedWorkItemId does not work as documented when using a custom field/reference name



Special thanks goes to Omar (ALM MVP) who helped isolate this gremlin.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Having finally got this working – I think – the attribute name="Your Custom Name"  just does not seem to matter. The refname in the target work item definition must be TfsMigrationTool.ReflectedWorkItemId it seems though.

  2. Alan says:

    Make absolutely sure that the type is string.  Integers result in nothing being populated

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