Today, one year ago our world changed forever … remembering the Champ!

I will be going off the air today and tomorrow to spend time with family and friends to remember our oldest son Alexander, who left us a year ago after being involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident for which he had no fault, just weeks before finishing Abitur (grade 12) and not long after getting his hard-earned and well-deserved “wings”.

DSCF0045 DSCF0063

… a proud moment, “wings ceremony” amongst friends.

… the last picture of Alexander enjoying a day at uShaka with his aviation buddies, hours before tragedy struck.

Hallo Alexander,

Today’s blog post is dedicated to you,
which you can read up in the African Sky blue.

You and your infectious smile are missed by all,
we all wish we could make just one last precious call.

Your passion for your family, your friends and aviation
will be remembered and and be our constant motivation.

Your love for flight and the admiration for the world of raptors
will continue to be a source of inspiration for many Ranger ventures

Champ, fly high and fly proud, because you will never be forgotten,
living forever in our memories, and especially in Jacques and Thorsten!

You will stay deep in my heart and forever be my special sunshine,
Until our worlds collide, we are reunited and you are once again mine.

Missing you terribly my son!
vHUG Paps

I am not gifted in art or poetry as you were, so I will rather spend today and tomorrow looking at all your pictures, listening to the aviation radio transmissions (which are snippets of your probably happiest and proudest moments), watching the Eagles soar majestically over Boundary Bay and enjoying your favourite meals … Spaghetti and Fish&Chips Winking smile See you at Boundary Bay and at Sharky’s?

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