Use(full|less) information on latest Visual Studio ALM Ranger projects

We recently shipped Visual Studio Lab Management Guidance and Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance. This morning the Rangers MSDN landing page and Rangers MSDN solutions page were refreshed and we can confirm that the ecosystem is in sync and harmony again.



Often we are asked how much content is there, how many pages, how heavy … well, in this case I cannot comment on the weight as I cannot find a scale in the house, but I can share some a summary of other information and show a picture of both binders containing the two guidance nuggets.

The AHE binder on the left was printed double-sided and results in a much more manageable size, whereas the single sided ATE binder on the right is a scary object 🙂

Mike, I know you added a “Please consider the environment before printing this document” message to all documents. However, as part of the final review and quality check, we have to print one copy to spot the formatting gremlins that hide in view-only mode 🙂

And it is also only when you have a printed copy in your hands, that you realise just how much knowledge, experience and passion was mixed into these projects by the Rangers!

What’s planned next? We are busy doing content reviews on the hands-on lab (HOL) documents and are planning incremental updates on Codeplex as and when updates are available. The Lab Management Guidance, for example, was updated early yesterday morning, to fix a reference error and minor formatting glitches that were noticed while paging through the physical copy.

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  1. Mike Fourie says:

    Those binders actually look pretty impressive 🙂


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