We have shipped … Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance

“Cowabunga” … the Visual Studio ALM Rangers have finally shipped the Visual Studio 2010 Build Customization Guidance.

Here is Bijan’s “ship-it” message, copied “as is” from his email:

This morning, we published the RTM release of Rangers Build Customization Guide on Codeplex. Kudos to the team for one of our top strategic projects in FY11.

Please help us spread the news by actively blogging about this project. Use this email as a starting point or refer to the Rangers blog or the project table of content blog post.

Project Description

This Visual Studio ALM Ranger project has the primary goal of delivering scenario based and hands-on lab guidance for the customization and deployment of Team Foundation Build 2010 activities such as versioning, code signing, and branching.

What is in the downloads?

  • Guidance contains scenario based practical guidance, frequently asked questions and quick reference posters
    Selected PDF contains guidance and quick reference posters in PDF format only.
    - Complete contains guidance, quick reference posters and localization files in all available formats.
  • Hands-on Labs (HOL) includes:
    HOL documents that provide walkthroughs of the technology, based on the guidance
    HOL Package contains a HOL environment setup package allowing you to setup the HOL environment in your own environment
    BRDLite Build Process Reference Template walk-through.
  • Samples contains sample build process templates used by the team as part of the guidance.
  • Videos which showcase the guidance in quick 5-10min videos.

The Epics included in the guidance are:

  • Practical guidance and tooling to simplify the customization of Team Foundation Build
  • Practical guidance to use Team Foundation Build process templates to automate build and non-build scenarios in Microsoft environments
  • Practical guidance to enable simple and flexible deployment of applications and their data stores
  • Practical guidance for Activities to empower developers and build engineers
  • Quality hands-on labs that complement the guidance and effectively guide the user through the features
  • Visualization of the guidance using quick reference posters


Adimulam Sudheer, André Dias, Bill Heys, Bijan Javidi, Bob Hardister, Brian Blackman, Brian Minisi, Daniel Franco Abrahão de Oliveira, David Corbin, Ed Blankenship, Ewald Hofman, Fabio Casado, Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín, Giulio Vian, Hassan Fadili, Jahangeer Mohammed, Jeff Bramwell, Jens K. Süßmeyer, Jim Lamb, John Jacob (JJ), Joseph Abukhader, Leonard S. Woody III, Mathias Olausson, Mike Douglas , Mike Fourie, Nico Orschel, Oliver Hilgers, Patricia Wagner, Petr Moravek, Pierre Donyegro, Richard Fennell, Silfarney Wallace, Steven Lange, Stuart Preston, Sven Hubert, Thomas Schissler, Tiago Pascoal, Tim Star, William Bartholomew, Willy-Peter Schaub

Bijan and JeffJ

“WELL DONE” team!

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel K. says:


    First of all I really like all your guidance stuff and i really was waiting for the build guidance.

    So far had only very few time to look into it but I think I already realized a bug. I tried to use the BRDLite1.0 Workflow and I couldn'T sucessfully build a simple solution (without website). I disabled all the BRD stuff (set all to "false", only wanted to Zip). Now I get the Error: Could not find a part of the path 'D:41<TeamProject><Builddefinitionname>Binaries_PublishedWebsites.

    The other thing I don't really like is for example the stylecop task. This is not rewally useful when I have to install a specific version of stylecop on the build controller. I really prefere to have the stylecop stuff in TFS an reference it relative locally.

    In the complete package the XAML files are missing. In the XAML Files a XML-File not needed is in the zip Package.

    Thanks so far.

  2. Thank you for your candid feedback.

    I would appreciate if you could raise a bug on rabcg.codeplex.com/…/basic for the BRDLite1.0 workflow issue, so that the team can investigate and more importantly prioritise the issue. I will ask John (the feature lead for BRDLite) to respond on this thread in terms of the bug and StyleCop in the meantime.

    Thanks for spotting the extra XML file, which has been removed. The Complete Package, as documented on the download page, contains the complete set of guidance, quick reference and localization files in both PDF ad DOCX. The XAML files are available in the Samples and the HOL package.

  3. Daniel,  we have confirmed your issue as a bug and are investigating. We will be releasing an upgrade to BRDLite shortly … watch this space.

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