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This blog post pulls together all the blog posts that relate to the Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management Guide project. If you find anything we are not referencing and that should be on this page, then please contact us with the details.


Type Guidance and out-of-band solution
Codeplex Site
Codename African Hawk Eagle (AHE)
Blog Tag TFSLM

Rough(necks) Notes

Ninja Notes #1 … Getting Lab Management Implemented
Ninja Notes #2 … Additional great references
Ninja Notes #3 … Setting up an environment for a mobile Lab Rat
Ninja Notes #4 … Using the Walkthrough VHD
Ninja Notes #5 … Stepping through the scenarios

Kick-off and Status Posts


Tackling Lab Management a la “Ruck”

2 A sneak preview and a call for feedback
3 Status Update: ALPHA Release under magnifying glass
4 AHE in final phase of review … THANK YOU to the phenomenal teams!
5 Rangers Lab Management Guide (AHE) enters BETA phase
6 AHE 1.0 Ships
7 Use(full|less) information on latest Visual Studio ALM Ranger projects
8 As always the latest guidance includes “visual” quick reference posters
9 Lab Management and the VM Factory … a symbiotic relationship and what’s to come
10 Applying to formatting hotfixes to ALM Rangers guidance … and subtle caution for next wave of guidance!

Team Blogs Star

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Channel 9 Videos



Frequently Asked Questions & Discussions

… “Nicola”, African Hawk Eagle, from

1 Does Lab Management use the Virtual Machine (VM) Factory bits?

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