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Type Guidance and out-of-band solution
Codeplex Site
Codename African Tawny Eagle (ATE)
Blog Tag VSBCG
Other References Community TFS Build Extensions

Channel9 Videos


Overview of the Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance


Build and Deploy 1 - Build and Local Deploy


Build and Deploy 2 - Automate Build and Deploy to Integration


Build and Deploy 3 - Automate Integration Test

Camera Build and Deploy 4 - Manual Deploy to Quality Assurance

Kick-off and Status Posts


New Rangers project, codename African Tawny Eagle (ATE)

2 Meet the core and feature area leads!
3 What do you think of the Epics?
4 Status Update: ALPHA Release under magnifying glass
5 ATE in final phase of review …THANK YOU to the phenomenal teams!
6 Build Customization Guidance … Build Report anyone?
7 ATE enters BETA phase
8 ATE 1.0 Ships!
9 Use(full|less) information on latest Visual Studio ALM Ranger projects
10 As always the latest guidance includes “visual” quick reference posters
11 BRDLite Build Reference Template – Hotfix 1 has been posted
12 Random Poll: Build Customization Guide vNext
13 Applying to formatting hotfixes to ALM Rangers guidance … and subtle caution for next wave of guidance!

Team Blogs Star

School Giulio Vian
School Mike Fourie
School William Bartholomew

Frequently Asked Questions & Discussions

… “Rosie”, African Tawny Eagle, from

1 Build Release Deploy (BRDLite) … what is it?
2 Why is BRDLite called *Lite?
3 Extending BRDLite and implementing the Build Report custom activity … phenomenal!
4 BRDLite 1.0 Hands-on Lab – Glitches which are not for the faint hearted 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Brian/Barnett says:

    First congrats on shipping!

    I looked through the guidance the second I got an email alert from codeplex…we've been waiting for this for quite some time.

    Here's my Feedback:

    I'm surprised to see manual/SharePoint approval in the WF4 build activitiies not being included.

    I'm also really surprised to see a complete lack of any mention of the architecture tools being plugged into/customized from the Team Build activites. Especially when the Architecture guidance was so good.

    I'm also disappointed that customizing WF4.0 build activities for Java/Maven/Ant not being included at all…did you guys even talk to Martin Woodward?

    Lastly I was really hoping that customizing Team Build Activities for use with the TFS SDK for say version control / work item operations weren't included.

    The anticipation for this guiadance has been building over the last 6 months, and I had high hopes that this would be the comprehensive guidance for how to actually customize Team Build.

    3 Questions:

    1) With what appears to be missing gaps in the guidance…what's the plan for ongoing development of new modules for ATE?

    2) What's the shipping schedule for the next round of updates?

    3) The sample build xaml file…BRD Lite….is there a BRD Full that could be made available? Why is just the LITE version being included in the guidance…was this just a timing decision for V1…see questions 1 and 2..

  2. We had to make a few and in some cases "tough" calls in terms of features for v1.0 to balance needed and available bandwidth, which we transparently shared in the blogs and ad-hoc sessions hosted by the team.

    In terms of your questions:

    1) This the first release, of hopefully many. According to the Ranger project nomination and voting, the non-Microsoft build guidance has made it back into the top 20 which should address your Java/Maven/Ant disappointment.

    2) We have just completed the nomination and stack ranking of the top 20 projects for FY12. Watch this space … we will share the details in terms of what is next when as soon as possible.

    3) We chose BRD Lite based on community feedback. There are no plans for a BRD Full, however, using the BRD Lite reference template and the guidance I see no reason why the community cannot build a BRD Full if needed.

    Please drop me a wishlist & reasoning message on email or on…/contact.aspx and I will make sure it gets discussed when the team next meets for this project.

    I really hope that your surprise and disappointment will be counter-balanced with the content that has been delivered 🙂

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