Embracing Channel9 … with exciting a-la-Brian features coming :)

As an experiment we have started to post the Visual Studio ALM Ranger videos to Channel9 as well. The first batch is focused on the Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guidance and the second batch are all about Visual Studio Build Customization Guidance.

The next “feature” we are discussing is getting the help of the Channel 9 master Brian Keller to help us create better, more professional and most importantly more humanoid showcases for new and upcoming Ranger out-of-band and/or guidance solutions.

In the meantime, visit the Rangers on Channel 9 and let us know what you think.

Pointing uphttps://channel9.msdn.com/posts/ABEExtensionOverview 

Pointing uphttps://channel9.msdn.com/posts/ATEOverview … not yet published, awaiting ATE launch clearance.

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  1. Jeff Wiest says:

    Are you looking to produce high quality videos? Definitely look at what these guys do…they do a great job: http://www.codeschool.com/…/jquery-air-first-flight

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