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This blog post pulls together all the blog posts that relate to the Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling Guidance project. If you find anything we are not referencing and that should be on this page, then please contact us with the details.


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Channel 9 Videos


Overview of the Visual Studio Architecture Guidance


Quick review of the guidance project templates for Visual Studio


Show how to use the new solution HOL project template


Show the navigation feature included in the guidance extension


Show the command execution feature in the guidance extension

Pizza Show how to extend the guidance extension

Kick-off and Status Posts



2 We will be introducing a new landscape … is it the correct one?
3 Embarking on ambitious localization project to increase value of Rangers Guidance
4 Guidance for Visual Studio 2010 in Spanish?
5 Architecture Guidance gets “thumbs up”
6 What’s changed and what’s coming?
7 Venturing into consolidated guidance using Feature Builder
8 Architecture Tooling Guidance Refresh
9 Refresh 1.1 kicking-off on Monday
10 Minor Refresh
11 Spanish … Francisco does it yet again!
12 Guidance Localizations … Sprechen Sie Deutsch? … ¿Habla Español?
13 A glimpse of what is imminent 🙂
14 Version 2.1 (ABE) is Available
15 Have you noticed the videos?
16 Architecture Tooling Guide (ABE) … which Epics should we be considering for v3?
17 Latest readiness adventure Part 3 … embracing and upgrading recent solutions
18 [VS ALM Rangers] Visual Studio 11 Architecture Tooling Guidance

Team Blogs Star

School Francisco Fagas
School Marcel de Vries

Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Have you got questions we can / should be answering?
2 Are we on the right track with our scenarios and diagrams?
3 Why are we talking about two types of sequence diagrams?
4 What is a 4+1 View?
5 Architecture Models … to branch or not to branch
6 Known Feature Builder Issue, which affects Architecture Tooling Guidance
7 How important is the guidance extension?

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