TOC: TFS Iteration Automation Blog Posts and Reference Sites

This blog post pulls together all the blog posts that relate to the TFS Iteration Automation project. If you find anything we are not referencing and that should be on this page, then please contact us with the details.

This solution has been converted from a Rangers out-of-band solution to an open source community solution. Although it is no longer an active Rangers project, we will be tracking its progress here. Please refer to Martin Hinshelwood’s blog for more information.


Type Out-of-band solution
Open source community solution
Team Martin Hinshelwood (dev lead)
Brian Blackman
Mike Fourie
Jeff Bramwell
Mattias Sköld
Willy-Peter Schaub
Blog Tag TFSIA

Team Blogs

Computer Martin Hinshelwood

Kick-off Posts


New Rangers Project – TFS Iteration Automation

2 Rangers TFS Iteration Automation – Transparent Design Ramblings

Design Star

School Part 1: What is the TFS Automation Platform
School Part 2: What about hosting the TFS Automation Platform
School Part 3: How might we implement the Change Iteration Automation
School Part 4: Anatomy of an Automation for the TFS Automation Platform
School Part 5: Constructing a framework for the TFS Automation Platform

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