Ranger Solutions in FY11 … the team has been busy with blog and projects

A recent revision to our blog is the addition of TOC (table of content) type blog posts, which tie together all the seemingly lose ends of numerous blog posts and team bloggers. The change is based on candid feedback from MVP/Rangers. We currently have two new pages for the TFS Integration Tools and the TFS Iteration Automation projects which you can review. The pages for the forthcoming Build Customization Guide (ATE) and Lab Management Guide (AHE) projects are currently being created as I type 🙂

… what do you think of these new TOC posts?

It is only when one starts creating a report on the past few months, when one realizes just how much the Visual Studio ALM Ranger team has shipped since July 2010:

… and there is more, because the following two projects are on the verge of shipping:

… and there are more projects currently on the go:

… not to mention that we are in the process of prioritizing the next solution candidates to be started from July 2011 onwards.

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