Build Release Deploy (BRDLite) … what is it?

The Rangers Build Customization Guide is on the verge of shipping, in fact it has been on Codeplex, ready to ship for a while now and raising questions as to the reason for delay… we are waiting for the license type to be agreed to, after which we can finally publish.


An exciting deliverables that ships with the guidance is the Build-Release-Deploy build process reference template, which started as a separate project and was included in the Build Customization Guidance as there was a lot of synergy.

The Build Release and Deploy (BRD) Lite is a build process reference template that allows you quickly implement a real-world build process in your environment. Embracing the build customization guidance and community build activities from “Community TFS Build Extensions”, it assists you with implementing capabilities such as automatic compile, build version number customization, build packaging, code signing, basic deployment functionality, and environment configuration file management into your Team Foundation Server builds.

The scope of the current BRD Lite includes parameterized options at Build Queuing time for:

  • Zipping
  • Deploy (MSBuild)
  • Email
  • Digital signing
  • StyleCop
  • Custom Versioning
  • Web Deployment Tool using MSI
  • Generation of Release Notes

If you are looking for a quick implementation of a comprehensive build process you should give this feature a glance when the guidance ships.

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  1. jay_mack says:

    Cool. Please define "verge of shipping". Are we talking hours, days, weeks, months, years?

  2. We have everything ready and are merely waiting for permission to switch the project to live. Unfortunately legal adventures are often unpredictable. but I would say any time, worst case days.

  3. jay_mack says:

    So we are 6 day's from my comment. Tomorrow makes it a week. I think a week is stretching it for the "verge of shipping". Verge sounds like hours. YMMV, but if legal is invovled it could be weeks/months/years. Looking forward to this to stuff go live…but it can't get here fast enough – the MS Titanic ships stuff far,far too slowly.

  4. We are working hard to better understand and more pro-actively manage the process that kicks-in when we get the "thumbs-up" from the team and more importantly the product owner. At that stage we have all the bits on Codeplex and are ready to click the "publish button" which would make it live. While our efforts will probably only impact future solutions, we are pushing hard to get both Build Customization Guidance and Lab Management Guidance "shipped" this week … as mentioned we are waiting for legal to give us the final go-ahead. I fully understand your frustration … believe me, the team's frustration is probably exponentally higher, not to mention my own 😐

  5. Sam says:

    The “Community TFS Build Extensions” link above has an errant ";" in the place of a colon. I believe the link should be "http:/".

  6. Thanks for the catch! I have fixed the URL.

  7. Thanks for the catch! I have fixed the URL.

  8. Eray says:

    Where can we download BRD Lite 1.1 for TFS 2012?

    It's not in Community TFS Extensions…/82906

    also not in TFS Build Customization Guide…/87992

    Basically we want to follow the guideline ALM Ranger Build Customization Guide to build in Linux platforms. It refers to BRD Lite 1.1. However the only thing we can find is…/87995  (BRD Lite 1.0 for TFS 2010)

    which in not applicable to the one in ALM Ranger build customization guide.

  9. Eray, we are preparing a launch of BRDLite in its own CodePlex project ( Keep an eye on that link, or this blog for release notifications or ping us direct if you have an urgent need for the latest release.

  10. Eray, my previous comment is based on your question Where can we download BRD Lite 1.1 for TFS 2012" which is released as v2 on v2 include new scenario templates for ASP.NET and SharePoint.

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