Rangers TFS Iteration Automation – Transparent Design Ramblings

Martin Hinshelwood, the dev lead for the TFS Iteration Automation project, has posted a number of design posts discussing the design and in particular the reasoning behind the design of the proposed solution. This is yet another attempt at improving the transparency of Ranger projects and I urge you to keep an eye on his blog and to give him feedback if you are interested in this initiative.

What makes this project unique?

Martin’s blogs cover the uniqueness in more detail, so I will simply summarise the top 3.

  • The project development lead is an External Ranger, which makes this the first project  of the kind.
  • The project team is small and focused, which gives us the ability to evaluate whether Ruck and the Ranger infrastructure shows any influence or impact in terms of team size.
  • The project is started as a Ranger project and then handed over to the community of External Rangers.

Here is a list of the most recent blog posts by Martin:

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