Rangers May 2011 Flash

Projects News

  • CodedUI (VSCUG) project is in the middle of sprint 3. The team is working on the guidance outline and also making great progress with the Word Extension for CodedUI testing.
  • Word4TFS (TFSWP) project is in entrenched in iteration 3. Installers for Office 2007 and 2010 are imminent, which will trigger another wave of rigorous testing.
  • Branching Guidance (TFSBG) … a preliminary list of Epics for the next release of the guidance is being circulated for refinement and prioritization.
  • Lab Management Guide (AHE-TFSLM) project is in final technical review by User Education (UE) and VM Factory testing. Release imminent.
  • Build Customization Guide (ATE-VSBCG) project has just completed the review by User Education (UE) and the final team review. Team is awaiting approval to post to Codeplex. Release imminent.
  • TFS Iteration Automation (AFE-TFSIA) project is wrapping up the architecture design, with construction planned to commence in sprint 4, starting June.

Community News

Visual Studio ALM Rangers Ecosystem

  • The External Ranger “Champions” 2011.1 have been selected by the community of Rangers. Well done Mike, Ed, Francisco and Neno!
  • The Extended Ranger Champions and the Champion of Champions 2011 have been nominated and will be announced on the Ranger MSDN Landing Page and the Ranger Blog shortly.
  • The new Rangers Project Nomination process has entered the second phase.
  • The Visual Studio ALM Rangers manifesto has gone through a few minor revisions and the support by the Rangers is growing.
  • Bill Heys will be presenting “Branching Techniques for Greater Agility” at the 2011 Engineering Forum on June 6, 2011 in Redmond, WA.
  • Battling to remember all the Ranger URLs? Just remember http://tinyurl.com/rangersportal, which takes you to our portal where all the URLs, “how-to’s” and other information for the active Rangers can be found.

Closing Humo(u)r

… no challenge is too big for the Rangers, even if at first it looks impossible J

For more information refer to: Rangers Website | Rangers Solutions | Rangers Blog

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