Visual Studio Tooling Guidance … have you noticed the videos?

Since we released the latest version of the guidance and in particular the Visual Studio extension we have noticed steady increase in downloads and are also getting candid feedback 🙂

What is not getting much traction are the new videos … are they too hidden on Codeplex? Should we be offering them as separate downloads? Publish them to Channel9 … thoughts?

You can download a zip package with all videos from here

Once you peek into the zip, you will notice a showcase (overview) video and a number of more in-depth videos that take you through a “quick” tour of the new features and also how to extend the sample Visual Studio extension.

So, now that you know where they are you should get a copy, some popcorn, a strong coffee and explore the new sample Visual Studio Extension that ships with the guidance.

Comments (1)

  1. Robert MacLean says:

    What about youTube? Can load them there and get great stats on viewing usage. Can have a Rangers channel! eeek excited, can we do that now? huh? plz

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