Rangers April 2011 Flash

Projects News

CodedUI (VSCUG) project is finishing their first sprint and has defined outlines for the guidance package.

Word4TFS (TFSWP) project is currently in the implementation phase with the main user stories for importing work items from TFS into Word code complete. The next iteration is to deliver a setup package.

Branching Guidance (TFSBG) project team is busy analyzing suggested features. If you have suggestions for the next guidance or would be interested to be a contributor or reviewer then please contact us.

Lab Management Guide (AHE-TFSLM) project is currently with User Education (UE) going through readability verification.

Build Customization Guide (ATE-VSBCG) project has entered the “silent” BETA phase. Watch the space in May for the release!
 Rosie, the African Tawny Eagle, at http://www.birdsofprey.co.za.

Architecture Guidance (TFSAG) project, version 2.1, shipped on April 18th. It is the first Rangers project dogfooding hosted TFS.

TFS Iteration Automation (AFE-TFSIA) project is still in design mode. It is the second Rangers project dogfooding hosted TFS.


Community News

We added the following new Rangers Index entries this month: Ethem Azun, Claudio Leite, Vladimir Gusarov, Jahangeer Mohammed, Sung Jae Kang, Mark Brown, Geoff Gray, Erwyn van der Meer, Jeroen Quakernaat, David Scruggs, Lukasz Gratkowski, Ryan Frazier, Mike Douglas, Giulio Vian, Chandana N. Athauda

Daniel Oliveira raised the Rangers awareness flag in Brazil by publishing an article on the Rangers in the Mundo.net magazine (http://www.mundodotnet.com.br/conteudo.shtml).


Visual Studio ALM Rangers Ecosystem

The Rangers/PG Core Chat is a new initiative that you to share your ideas, concerns or even to just get a few complaints off your shoulders with the Core Rangers and the associated Program Group. Send me an email if you have an idea for topics.

The Rangers Talk is a new initiative that gets the Rangers together once a month to discuss ideas and answer questions around the Rangers ecosystem. Unsure where to begin, where to find information or how to contribute towards Rangers initiatives? If you answer yes to any of these example questions, then you should join us for the next Rangers Talk.

The third Rangers Sabbatical is heating up, with Bob getting ready to visit Redmond and the Microsoft Canada Development Centre in Vancouver. We are T-17 days until Bob takes off from Austin Texas J

The Rangers Project Nomination survey will be launched in May, using the new project nomination process on a trial basis. Watch this space for news on the next wave of Ranger projects.

For more information refer to: Rangers Website | Rangers Solutions | Rangers Blog

Comments (2)
  1. Eric Weiss says:

    How will the Word4TFS plugin compare to the TeamSpec product? I'm hoping it will support parent/child Requirements/User Story relationships as well.

  2. Rob Jarratt says:

    I am the dev lead on the project. I can't really comment on the comparison to TeamSpec because I do not know the product. However I can tell you that the Word Addin does indeed support parent/child relationships when importing work items from TFS into Word. If you have a hierarchical query and set up a suitable Word document template then you can do things like have a Heading 1 for top-level User Story work items and a Heading 2 for User Story work items that are children of the top-level User Story. You can also do this in a table layout with the first column for top-level User Story items and the second column for second-level items etc.

    I hope that answers the second part of your query.

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